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Classic Spring Color!


Petunias are classic décor plants for window boxes, hanging baskets, and containers for sun. They mound up for a lush presentation and are heat tolerant so they last all summer. Large blooms stay above the foliage and make for lovely, neat arrangements and garden beds as well. We have a range of popular colors including some fluorescent varieties and some with unusual patterns. Let your creativity shine and design some DIY window boxes for spring!

Bright, cheery zonal Geraniums are classic Americana, and here in New England they signify the start of the summer season. These are the nostalgic type Geraniums, with big, ball-shaped blooms and multi-colored leaves. Look around on Memorial Day weekend and you’ll see these beloved flowers decorating porches and peeking out of window boxes and little red wagons. Our zonal Geraniums are looking fine and lush, ready for planting in your own container combo, garden bed, decorative pot, or basket for a festive presentation or graveside tribute. If you want quick, easy color or holiday décor, go with our Geranium Sunbasket or SunPatio and simply find a spot to display it. Beautiful Liberty Geraniums are fresh as can be—for every bloom there is another one right behind, budded up and ready to open!

Colorful Hanging Baskets make great host or hostess gifts! We have a wide selection to choose from, including Geranium, Calibrachoa, Begonia, and lively Spring Combos. Take home your favorite or go with the Combo—it brings an assortment of favorites together in a beautiful arrangement. These baskets are lush, full, and ready to go with an abundance of vibrant blooms that keep on coming. A Hanging Basket is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Your friend or loved one can hang it in the sun or set it on the patio for cheerful décor to enjoy all summer long—without any fuss. Why not treat yourself to one, too?

Do the work once with perennials and reap the rewards year after year as they come back to add charm to the garden! Our beautiful Coreopsis is a daisy-like plant that’s available in a few different styles: a bright golden yellow with semi-double flowers, a striking gold and bronze-red bicolor, and a pretty pale yellow single flower with airy, ferny foliage. Though each has its own distinctive personality they all play nicely together.

  • Petunias Mound Up To Be Seen In Beds, Containers & Baskets
  • Geranium’s Big Ball-Shaped Blooms & Multi-Colored Leaves Are Classic Americana
  • Lush Baskets With Abundant Blooms Offer Instant, Easy-Care Color
  • Daisy-Like Perennial Coreopsis Comes Back Year After Year