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Market Fresh Mums!

Colorful Mums & Asters For Autumn Décor!

At the farm one day and at the store the next—that’s our Market Fresh Mums! They look their best and last a long time because they’re delivered fresh from farm to store. Choose from a range of solid autumn colors with traditional tight pom pom style blooms. Plants are nice and full, with the classic dome-shaped habit. Market Fresh Mums are great for filling rustic whiskey barrels, wagons, or wheelbarrows. Solid colors also work well with more modern, upscale décor as a monochromatic white arrangement in a sleek black urn, or as a standout splash of bright color in a minimalist porch display. Our Market Fresh Mums are hardy so when you plant them in the garden they return the following year. Use them to color up late summer bare spots in full sun areas of beds and borders as you transition to fall.

Our Tricolor Mum offers a special look for the season, mixing three popular autumn shades in one pot. Choose from four different color combinations to make fall decorating a breeze. This beautiful Mum comes in a larger size to create an eye-catching centerpiece or fall display. Plant some in a whiskey barrel for a splash of brilliant color alongside hay bales. Go simple and fill a sleek modern planter or interesting old urn as the sole decoration on the porch. For a classic, fun vibe set your Combo Mums in a rustic wheel barrow or Radio Flyer® next to your favorite scarecrow!

Smaller Décor Minis are the ideal size for window boxes, combos, and planters—anywhere you’d like to create your own holiday décor. Take inspiration from unique pottery you’ve found, or maybe a vintage whiskey barrel or galvanized bucket, and use your imagination to fill it with an assortment of these pretty décor components. Try adding some mini pumpkins around the base in the classic fall orange or stylish elegant white. Choose from a selection of Mums and Asters for an interesting mix of colors, shapes, and textures.

For a mum-like look in bright blue or bright pink go with beautiful Aster. This New England native does a much better job of delivering these two non-traditional fall colors while keeping the traditional mum shape and texture. Versatile Aster can be used like a mum in all your décor applications, as-is in its pot on the porch, worked into fall combinations and displays, or planted in garden beds with mums, kales, and cabbages. It’s very hardy! Use Aster to add a cool, unexpected pop among the typical warm gold, orange, and red tones of the season. You can even let it go to seed as an oil-rich snack for the songbirds.

  • Mums Delivered Fresh From Farm To Store
  • A Range Of Solid Autumn Colors
  • Tight Pom Pom Blooms And Dome-Shaped Habit
  • Great For Décor Or Planting In The Garden
  • Aster: The Classic Mum Look In Bright Blue Or Pink