Stop by our farm stand and pick out some fresh plants for the garden! We have lots of beautiful flower selections to brighten the yard or patio, including Geraniums, Petunias, Marigolds, Osteo, Argyranthemum, and many more in pots and hanging baskets. If you’re planning out your vegetable garden we have an assortment of Tomatoes and Peppers to include, as well as our collection of Herbs. There are Tomatoes in patio pots, too, for snacking and décor at the same time. We even have farm fresh eggs, as fresh as can be from our chickens out back in the barn. Take some home and make a farm-to-table mixed herb omelet for dinner tonight!
Visit the Farm Stand at: 
1099 Center Street
Ludlow, Massachusetts

  • Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM 

  • Open Wednesday through Sunday

  • Closed on Monday and Tuesday

  • Lots Of Fresh Plants—And Eggs, Too!


Color up gardens, patios, and containers with vibrant summer annuals. Petunias are classic décor plants for window boxes, hanging baskets, and containers for sun. They mound up for a lush presentation and are heat tolerant so they last all summer. Colorful Nemesia is a popular choice for baskets and containers for full sun. Use it as frothy filler in patio pots or even as a unique focal point. We also have Angelonia—AKA summer snapdragons—and many more in a variety of sizes and colors. Get creative and make your own combo or design a unique garden bed this year.

  • Vibrant Color For Gardens, Patios, And Containers

  • Lush Petunias Mound Up And Last All Summer

  • Colorful Nemesia Is A Frothy Filler Or Focal Point

  • Get Creative With Unique Combos And Beds


Bright, cheery zonal Geraniums are classic Americana, and here in New England they signify the start of the summer season. These are the nostalgic type Geraniums, with big, ball-shaped blooms and multi-colored leaves. Look around on Memorial Day weekend and you’ll see these beloved flowers decorating porches and peeking out of window boxes and little red wagons. Our zonal Calliope Geraniums in QT and 8IN are looking fine and lush, ready for planting in your own container combos or garden beds. We also have Regal Geraniums in the 8IN size only. These are known as the Martha Washington style, showy with very frilly tops, and they love the cooler weather. If you want quick, easy color or holiday décor, go with our Geranium Sunbasket and simply find a spot to display it. Our beautiful Geraniums are fresh as can be—for every bloom there is another one right behind, budded up and ready to open!


Plant some Parsley—you’ll use it in many summer dishes. It brightens the taste of salads and pastas, and adds a nice splash of brilliant green to make your dish photo-ready! Fresh herbs are great for perking up the flavor of all your favorite recipes. Plant them in the garden or in pots outside the back door—you can even grow herbs in coffee mugs on a sunny windowsill. Growing herbs is easy, even if you’re short on space. It’s also more economical than buying a bunch from the supermarket every time you need some for a dish. Just buy the herb plant once and use it all summer long! With lush green foliage in lots of different textures and delicate flowers that bloom in summer, herbs look as good as they taste and smell. Choose from: Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Greek or Hot & Spicy Oregano, Curly or Italian Parsley, Rosemary, and English Thyme. We also have Apple Mint, Peppermint, and Spearmint.

  • Fresh Herbs Perk Up Your Favorite Recipes

  • For Beds, Containers, Or Windowsills

  • Aromatic Foliage In Assorted Textures

  • Easy, Economical, And Great For Small Spaces


Do the work once with perennials and reap the rewards year after year as they come back to add charm to the garden! There are many varieties to choose from, including the popular Montauk Daisy and Dianthus in deep red, pink shades, bicolors, and some with frilly edges. Plants grow very short, reaching only ankle-high with pretty grass-like foliage. We also have some beautiful Coreopsis shipping this week, as well as Digitalis in pink, white, and cream. Coreopsis is daisy-like while Digitalis has flower spikes. Digitalis is also known as foxglove and has unique tubular blooms with spotted throats. These plants get bigger and more firmly established with each passing season and they all play nicely together.


Grow your own Tomatoes this season! Homegrown tastes better and you know it. We have a wide selection shipping now, including the ever popular beefsteak, cherry, and slicing varieties. Our Tomatoes come in a special Eco Pot that can be planted directly into the garden where it will break down and become part of the soil. It’s better for the environment and better for you, because there is no trash to clean up after planting! ‘Mountain Man’ is a large beefsteak that is deep red inside and out. ‘Mountain Fresh’ makes for lovely uniform slices on a platter. If you like cherry Tomatoes, ‘Orange Zinger’ is nice and tangy, while sweet ‘Bumblebee Pink’ and ‘Bumblebee Sunrise’ are unique striped varieties that add a touch of décor to the vegetable garden. ‘San Marzano’ is good for making paste and you can imagine what ‘Fresh Salsa’ is good for in the kitchen! For impatient Tomato lovers, ‘Early Girl’ is a good ol’ slicing Tomato that ripens much earlier than the rest.

  • Homegrown Tomatoes Taste Better

  • Wide Selection Of Beefsteak, Cherry & Slicing Varieties

  • Unique Heirlooms Add A Touch Of Décor

  • Plantable Eco Pot Means Less Work And Less Waste

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1102 Center Street
Ludlow, Massachusetts

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