Bright, cheery zonal Geraniums are classic Americana, and here in New England they signify the start of the summer season. These are the nostalgic type Geraniums, with big, ball-shaped blooms and multi-colored leaves. Look around on Memorial Day weekend and you’ll see these beloved flowers decorating porches and peeking out of window boxes and little red wagons. Our zonal Calliope Geraniums in 8IN are looking fine and lush, ready for planting in your own container combos or garden beds. This is also a popular size for slipping into a decorative pot or basket as-is, for a festive presentation or graveside tribute. If you want quick, easy color or holiday décor, go with our Geranium Sunbasket or SunPatio and simply find a spot to display it. Our beautiful Geraniums are fresh as can be—for every bloom there is another one right behind, budded up and ready to open!

  • Zonal Geraniums Are Classic Americana

  • Big Ball-Shaped Blooms And Multi-Colored Leaves

  • Plant 8IN Size In Containers Or Beds

  • Sunbasket Or SunPatio = Quick And Easy Décor


Plant some Basil—it’s easy to grow and you’ll use it in many summer dishes! Basil is the most popular herb we sell. Simply put, if you’re growing Tomatoes you should also be growing Basil because the flavors go so well together. We like a big tangy slab of Beefsteak Tomato with fresh Basil leaves on a sandwich—simple, but so fresh and satisfying! Basil brightens the taste of salads and pastas, and adds a nice splash of brilliant green to make your dish photo-ready! Scatter fresh Basil leaves on your homemade artisan pizza when it comes out of the oven or off the grill! Wow your guests with a unique dessert of Basil leaves tossed with juicy fresh strawberries and drizzled with a simple balsamic syrup*. Our aromatic Basil comes in the 4IN size, for the herb garden, windowsill, or in between Tomato plants.

*Dissolve one part brown sugar in four parts balsamic vinegar in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly; bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for about twenty minutes, then let cool. 

  • Basil Perks Up Your Favorite Summer Recipes

  • Tomatoes + Basil Is A Classic Flavor Pairing

  • Comes In 4IN For Small Spaces And Windowsills

  • Grows Well Among Plants In The Tomato Garden


Let your creativity shine and design some DIY window boxes for spring! Petunias are classic décor plants for window boxes, hanging baskets, and containers for sun. They mound up for a lush presentation and are heat tolerant so they last all summer. Large blooms stay above the foliage and make for lovely, neat arrangements and garden beds as well. For more right now color for combos our 4-inch Spring Annuals spread out rapidly. These are the little fillers and spillers that cover the soil with color. Dusty Miller is a neutral silver foliage element that highlights colorful spring flowers. Alyssum is foamy filler in white, violet, or purple flower colors that looks lovely spilling over the edges. As a bonus, its sweet honey-scented fragrance attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.


Plant some Parsley—you’ll use it in many summer dishes. It brightens the taste of salads and pastas, and adds a nice splash of brilliant green to make your dish photo-ready! Fresh herbs are great for perking up the flavor of all your favorite recipes! Plant them in the garden or in pots outside the back door—you can even grow herbs in coffee mugs on a sunny windowsill. Growing herbs is easy, even if you’re short on space. It’s also more economical than buying a bunch from the supermarket every time you need some for a dish. Buy the herb plant once and use it all summer long! With lush green foliage in lots of different textures and delicate flowers that bloom in summer, herbs look as good as they taste and smell. Choose from Classic or Garlic Chives, Italian or Greek Oregano, English or Lemon Thyme, Dill, Catnip, or Cilantro. We also have Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Chamomile.

  • Fresh Herbs Perk Up Your Favorite Recipes

  • For Beds, Containers, Or Windowsills

  • Aromatic Foliage In Assorted Textures

  • Easy, Economical, And Great For Small Spaces


We’re shipping a wide variety of Osteospermum and Nemesia in vibrant colors for spring. Daisy-like Osteo works well in both sun and shade areas of the garden. It grows vertically to set color up high and provides lots of beautiful cut flowers. Osteo is available in purple, white, and yellow. Colorful Nemesia is a popular choice for baskets and containers for full sun, or as a cool weather groundcover that provides a thick coating of colorful flowers. Use it as frothy filler in patio pots or even as a unique focal point. It grows low and wide so it’s great for the front of the border and rock gardens, as well as for lining a sidewalk or tucking in between perennials. Butterflies are attracted to the sweetly fragrant blooms, adding another dimension of interest to DIY combination planters.


Our colorful Hanging Baskets make great host or hostess gifts! We have a wide selection to choose from, including Geranium, Calibrachoa, Begonia, and lively Spring Combos. Take home your favorite or go with the Combo—it brings an assortment of favorites together in a beautiful arrangement. These baskets are lush, full, and ready to go with an abundance of vibrant blooms that keep on coming. A Hanging Basket is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Your friend or loved one can hang it in the sun or set it on the patio for cheerful décor to enjoy all summer long—without any fuss. Why not treat yourself to one, too?

  • Makes A Great Host Or Hostess Gift

  • Lush Basket With An Abundance Of Blooms

  • Set Out On The Patio Or Hang For Instant Color

  • Easy Care Flowers To Enjoy All Summer



Liberty Family Farms offers a full range of annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables for the entire growing season, from April to October. We ship fresh plants directly from our farm to the storefront so you can select your favorites from the best quality garden material available. For more information about a particular variety, please click on a link below to view the Care Sheet for that plant. 

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