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Hello Spring!


Bright, cheery Pansy faces say hello to spring and good-bye to the dreary days of winter. Our cold grown Pansies in larger pots are great for landscaping, especially for covering a lot of ground quickly. They come in a wide range of colors to paint beds and borders in fresh shades for the season. Versatile smaller pots go anywhere—into containers, garden beds, and craft projects or for splashes of right now color in between perennials. We like to use Pansies along the sidewalk to greet neighbors as they pass by on their daily walks and bike rides.

Liberty Violas are cold grown in Western Massachusetts, just like our Pansies, so they have the same tolerance for the potentially frigid weather of early spring in New England. Actually, they like the cold even better than Pansies do and work especially well for March and April gardening. Viola flowers are smaller than Pansy flowers but there are lots and lots of them, creating a rich carpet of color in garden beds, baskets, and window boxes. They fit nicely in a teacup on the windowsill and can be used to create a charming mini landscape or a colorful, whimsical fairy garden.

Our Pansy Sunbasket offers a lush display of color in basket form, with flowers virtually covering the bright green foliage! Just hang one from a porch, branch, or shepherd’s hook in the sun. Vibrant Pansy or Viola Treasure Bowls make decorating simple: bring one home and place it on the tabletop, porch, or any spot that needs sprucing up in an instant. Try planting one in the garden—it spreads wider without the bowl for an impressive carpet of color. Sunbaskets and Treasure Bowls are planted using our special Liberty coco fiber soil. It retains moisture and has slow-release fertilizer built right in, so you’ll spend less time watering and feeding your plants and more time enjoying them!

‘Tete-a-Tete’ is a dwarf Daffodil that grows only 6 to 8 inches tall. Buttercup yellow flowers bloom in early spring for bright splashes of color in border fronts, patio pots, or window boxes—wherever a smaller plant is needed. Set mini Daffodils in full sun or dappled shade in most any type of soil. Get creative and design your own patio pot, hanging basket, or combo. Choose a unique pot or planter to give your imagination a head start! These are also great plants to use in smaller gardens.

A cute little basket filled with Daffodils makes a charming gift for spring holidays. It can be used to decorate a tabletop or shelf, and after the celebrations have ended the bulbs can be planted in the garden to enjoy again the following year. A great return on your investment!

  • Pansies & Violas Cold Grown In Western Massachusetts
  • Wide Range Of Pansy & Viola Colors
  • Suitable For Gardening In March And April Weather
  • Daffodils Offer Quick, Bright Color For Smaller Spaces

Spring Annuals

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